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our history

We Live to Glorify God in All We Do

...Because there is nothing that gives us more joy than serving God.

Who We Are

People Who Want To Make a Difference in The World by Being Salt And Light.

“BELARMINO DA ROCHA” is an international business group with Christian values ​​founded in 2021 in the city of São Paulo (Brazil) by Brazilian businessman Ismael Jr. Among other objectives, “BDR”, as the company is affectionately called, uses part of its commercial profits to create, carry out, encourage and finance social, missionary, cultural and humanitarian projects in order to offer a better quality of life to people in need around the world. Today, BDR has several of its own projects, mostly developed by volunteers from all over the world, thus facilitating the dissemination and distribution of our multiple productions to speakers of different world languages. BELARMINO DA ROCHA currently has offices in the United Kingdom (London), United States (NYC), in addition to its global headquarters in Brazil (São Paulo).

The BELARMINO DA ROCHA Group almost always uses music, arts, literature and sport as instruments of action, interaction and achievement for its purposes. But, in addition to operating in the entertainment sector, BDR also operates in the gastronomy and hotel sectors; especially because the company believes that these commercial activities are also part of family entertainment.

We have the dream and objective of reaching every country in the world; and for this we want to challenge you to be part of this blessed “Family”, whether by praying for it, publicizing its projects, buying some of its products, hiring some of its services, contributing financially to its maintenance, or even participating as a volunteer in its projects. We are sure our God will bless you for this.



What Our People Say

BELARMINO DA ROCHA is certainly a Big Family! Here I feel at home.

Harry Carson

Harry Carson

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

I have never been treated as well in a work environment as I was and am treated here. Long live the BDR Group.

Maria Carmen

Maria Carmen

Director of social and humanitarian projects

When I received the invitation to leave my old job in Dublin, Ireland, and take over the finance department of a newly founded company in Brazil, I told myself I would never do that. But when I came across the unique proposal that BDR had, I said – Why not? And I’m glad I made that decision.

Henry Norman

Henry Norman

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
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