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Keep An Eye On The LUSOFONIA Family!

A socio-missionary project formed by volunteers who love God and his Son Jesus Christ.

Socio-missionary projects

Campaigns, projects and social, missionary and humanitarian activities carried out with the aim of blessing and caring for needy people in the world.

Children's projects

Exclusive activities, events and productions for our children and juniors.

Music, art and cinema

The Love of God and the Gospel of Jesus announced through music, cinema and the performing arts.

Courses and training

Production and distribution of courses aimed at the development of all Christian and non-Christian communities in the world.


LUSOFONIA is a socio-missionary project of “BELARMINO DA ROCHA”, created for the development of musical, performance, literary and visual productions in Portuguese; in addition to carrying out missionary and humanitarian activities, aiming to reach and bless all countries and speakers of the Portuguese language.

Our Productions:

Event Schedule

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