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Welcome to our Family!

BELARMINO DA ROCHA is an international business group, with Christian values, dedicated to the realization, management, production, commercialization and distribution of projects and undertakings in the areas of entertainment and gastronomy.

The company emerged in 2020 with the function of being a work base for its owner (ISMAEL JR.), thus becoming responsible for managing his entire career as a businessman, investor, composer, author, writer, screenwriter, arranger, producer and director of music, theater and cinema.

Today it helps transform dreams into reality, creating sensations and pleasures translated into music, scenic arts, visual productions, sports and gastronomy, aiming to better serve the global market of family entertainment.

In this way, BELARMINO DA ROCHA contributes to the growth of society, helping to build a happier, more participative, fun and balanced world.

What We Offer

Hope, solution and life experiences, created with lots of affection, care, love and joy.

Ismael JR.

CEO of BDR Group.


Our Brands

We build strong relationships through our brands...

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