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We at BELARMINO DA ROCHA provide services such as:
  • Activities linked to the granting of patents and registration of trademarks, industrial designs, technology transfer contracts, geographic magazines and computer programs.
  • Internet address domain registration activity.
  • Registration of industrial designs.
  • Industrial property agent activities.
  • Registration and granting of trademarks and patents.
  • Internet address domain registration activities.
  • Registration of computer programs.
  • Intellectual property registration services.
  • Legal assistance services linked to industrial and intellectual property.
  • Assistance and consultancy in the processes of registering geographical indications, technology transfer contracts, patent registration and trademark registration.
Quality And Professionalism!

Have in your production the quality of projects such as 259’GE, TEATREAR, Lusofonia and Anglophone. We at Grupo BDR value care and perfection in the execution of all our audio and musical productions.

Come and be part of the BELARMINO DA ROCHA Team!

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